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MeteoInfo is a freely available software designed to view and analyze meteorological and spatial data interactively. Some GIS functions were developed from ground level. It has two editions: Java and C#. MeteoInfo may be run in Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix. MeteoInfo can also be run automatically using MeteoInfo scripting with the IronPython language (C# edition) or Jython language (Java edition). The main functions are packed in the MeteoInfo class library, which could be used to conveniently develop the software.

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MeteoInfo 1.2.8

MeteoInfo 1.2.8 was released with SYNOP data support.

MeteoInfo 1.2.4

MeteoInfo 1.2.4 was released with LaTeX support.

MeteoInfo 1.2.3

MeteoInfo 1.2.3 was released with better reading ability of GeoTiff file.

MeteoInfo 1.2.2

MeteoInfo 1.2.2 was released with a new MeteoInfoLab application.

TrajStat 1.4.4

TrajStat 1.4.4 was released. The weighting function of PSCF/CWT according trajectory number was added.

MeteoInfo Java 1.2

MeteoInfo Java 1.2 was released. Multiple color tables are added. The color table files come from NCL website, which are in the "colormaps" folder under MeteoInfo installation path.

MeteoInfo Java 1.1.9

MeteoInfo Java 1.1.9 was released. One dimension plot can be done by own function inside MeteoInfo now, before it was done by JFreeChart library. So one dimension plot performance can be consistent with map plot.